composition book 1I have been writing for a long time, about myself and about my family–and events that have had an effect upon my life: I have been a journal keeper since I was 21.  Then I used the journal for self-awareness and for self-exploration.  Soon I realized that my journals contained so much of my schooling, my reading, my family, and what interested me–throughout my whole life, from my first memory, in 1944, to the present, like the death of a dear pet.  Or my retirement.  I began to write: My Memories of A Time–perhaps memoir-ish.  I need to get the past into prose, my prose.  Now I have an opportunity to tell stories.  This is what I am about.

  1. GP Cox said:

    Pleased to meet you. I’m looking forward to reading some of those stories!

    • Thank you for thinking I am a cat lover. Yes, I am! A black cat? Well, he is “Grayson,” a tuxedo with a mustache–and a tiny goatee, too. I have looked back at your answers for this award–and have not a clue who Freddie Mercury is/was. But home is here (not where my heart is) with my wife and cat. I did a story about cats. The sea? I live near the Gulf of Mexico. But I cannot enjoy the sun for my medication, nor do I like sand–anymore. But sunsets over the Gulf? Magnificent. Desert Island? My friend, my wife; my Shakespeare; a Swiss Army knife (I saw The Cast Away!). Thanks for the nomination.

      • Most welcome, thanks for your answers. Freddy Mercury was the lead singer for a band called Queen, very famous in the last 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s

      • I know Queen: “We shall rock you”–and that great soundtrack from First Knight! “We are the Champions! Thanks.

  2. Robert Loerzel said:

    Dear James: I noticed your blog post about memories of the Congress (Eisenhower) Expressway being built. I’m reporting a story for WBEZ Chicago Public Radio on the topic “What happened to the people displaced by the Eisenhower Expressway?” I’d like to talk with you for this story. If you’re available, please email me at

  3. Miriam said:

    Lovely to meet you James. Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading more. Warmest wishes from Australia.

  4. Interesting read James. I have written a piece on the music in my life, mostly about songs, but never thought to post it. Maybe I will one day. It might resonate with people of a certain age. I look forward to your future posts.

    • Thanks for the response. If you have time, please look at some of my previous postings. One or more will delight, I am sure. ..

  5. Thank you for creating this. I, too, am a long-time journaler. I look forward to diving in.

  6. Single malt, of course. Glenmorangie? Sometime in Carlisle would be a delight. Been there. Want to be back. Maybe. Cheers! Here’s to your blog!

  7. I cannot imagine keeping a journal that consistently. That’s amazing. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks. If you look back at some of my earlier postings, you will have fun.

  8. Did I thank you for the response to my story? I always wonder what makes a reader attracted. The tags? The pictures? Well, I appreciate it–and good luck to you in your writing. :o)

  9. It looks an interesting blog; Having started writing (regularly) relatively late in life just this past several months ago, I must admit to being a little envious of you writing from such a young age. I’ll take a closer look at more of your posts over the coming days.


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