“An APHORISM is a short pithy or terse saying expressing or embodying a general truth; a maxim; an astute observation.”

Power tends to corrupt . . .  absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Be not the first by whom the new are tried . . .  nor yet the last to lay the old aside.

Fools rush in . . .  where angels fear to tread.

An ounce of prevention . . .  is worth a pound of cure.

Better safe . . . than sorry.

Measure twice . . .  cut once.

The devil you know . . .  is worse than the devil you don’t.

The love of money . . .  is the root of all evil.

If the gold rusts . . .  what will the iron do?

Time and tide . . .  wait for no man.

Neither a borrower . . .  nor a lender be.

Keep your friends close . . .  and your enemies closer.

The early bird . . .  gets the worm.

De gustibus . . .  non disputandum est.

Ignorance is bliss . . .  where tis folly to be wise.

What goes around . . .  comes around.

[All] good things . . .  come to those who wait.

You get what you deserve . . .  deserve what you get.

Never look a gift-horse . . .  in the mouth.

Nihil . . .  ex nihilo fit.

A rolling stone . . .  gathers no moss.

Beware the green-eyed monster . . .  jealousy.

Hell hath no fury . . .  like a woman scorned.

Haste . . .  makes waste.

Birds of a feather . . .  flock together.

Familiarity . . .  breeds contempt.

Waste not . . .  want not.

Absence makes the heart . . .   grow fonder.

Spare the rod . . .   spoil the child.

Don’t throw the baby out . . .  with the bathwater.

Bonum ex integra causa . . .  malum ex quocumque defectu.

Stick and stones may break my bones . . .  but names will never hurt me.

A bird in the hand . . .  is worth two in the bush.

The enemy of my enemy . . .  is my friend.

[Ed. note: in 2016: Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.]




  1. Suze said:

    A bird in the hand….will always poop there.

    • I know where Oklahoma is. Stay safe from earthquake areas.

      • Suze said:

        we have earthquakes here about 3 times a week when the oil companies are active…i have become extremely adept at catching nick-nacks before they hit the floor……..

      • Watching the Weather Channel in the safety of our Florida home. Please take care. Stay safe!

      • Suze said:

        have a nice storm shelter in the house….we’ll be fine even if the house goes all Dorothy on us! thanks.

  2. Don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash.

  3. Digging through my old journals, I came upon this handwritten page of sayings. It was a great list that I had begun, based on an article I was reading in some psychology journal. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the friend and bird sayings. We are so familiar with many of them in our English language and in our culture. I always had difficulty understanding the devil one, and the baby-bathwater expression. Most of the others were used around me. A Spanish-teacher friend tried to explain one about spitting into the wind–one I never understood. But it was funny. So I turned this into an exercise here. The second part usually comes rolling off our tongues easily. (BTW: I have a little book of complete Latin sayings, but the few I put here are significant: about taste, about matter, and about perfection.)

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