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                                                                                                     SANIBEL ISLAND, FLORIDA

“Two roads diverged…I could not travel both….  Yet knowing how way leads on to way…I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.”  –Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken” (1930)

DIVERGE: differ, vary, contrast, deviate, bend, branch off, fork divaricate, DIVERGENCE: branch, fork, crotch, detour, deviation.  DIVERGENT: dissonant, factious, factional. 

DIVERGE: To go or extend in different directions from a common point; branch out; to differ, as in opinion or manner; to depart from a set course or norm; deviate; to run apart; to separate; to tend into different directions; to become different; to run apart; to separate; not to converge: to have no limit, or no finite limit; to differ from a typical form; to vary from a normal condition; to dissent from a creed or position generally held or taken, or from the truth;  in different directions (not directly opposed) from a common point; a receding one from another: opposed to convergence: as, the divergence of lines.

DIVERGENT: A departure from a course or standard; differentiation in action or character; deviation; a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions; the act of moving away in different direction from a common point; moving or situated in different directions from a common point, as lines which intersect: opposed to convergent.

DIVARICATE: To diverge at a wide angle; spread apart; to branch off; forking; to turn away or aside, as, to divaricate from the will of God; to diverge widely.

“You are what you can’t stop doing. 

What someone is passionate about, that person and that thing will intersect.

Passion involves compulsion.

People–all people–have compulsions that draw them away from their safety and their best interests.

People and what they love don’t always intersect.

People and their compulsions do.”  Dialogue from Amazon Original Series Patriot (2012).



  1. This poem is in the forefront of so many minds this time of year. As I watch students making choices for their future, I always recite Frost’s words in my mind. Part of growing in life is diverging from what we have previously known. That is what life is. We define ourselves turning to the future and moving in the direction of our passions. Beautifully written, my friend.

    • Thank you. And best to you as you continue to shape hearts and minds.

      • You are too wonderful!

  2. Virgil Likness said:

    Always great to hear your comments with respect to literature. As we age, keeping your mind alert as got to be great therapy. Keep up the great work.

  3. Virgil Likness said:

    Jim===Always enjoy your writing skills. Keep up the great work as this is always good for a continued sound mind as we grow older.

  4. I don’t think I have ever taken the time to consider that poem in just the way you have emphasized! Thanks for illuminating a new mental path.

  5. Quite so! Hope you are doing well … I am behind on reading blogs, so this is the first time I have visited yours for a while. Just not enough hours in the day … I think as I get older, I also get slower, and time seems to have sped up! 🙂

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