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Learning is an active creative process.

Learning involves the discovery (or development) of relationships among phenomena the learner observes or perceives.

Learning how to learn involves learning how to look for relationships, how to inquire into relationships.

The greater the number of experiences, the greater the opportunity for the learner to learn.

The greater the ability to see relationships, the greater the learning from each additional experience.

The quantity and quality of learning can be increased if two people can share their experiences and their perceptions of them.



Writing is a process of thought.

Memories fade with the passage of time.

The mind can focus on only a limited number of phenomena at one time.

Recording one’s observations can serve as reminders, as memory stimulators.

Recording one’s observations can enable one to search any number of
phenomena for relationships.

Recording one’s generalizations about observed phenomena can enable one to search out the relationships among one’s generalizations.

Writing is one of man’s most important learning tools.



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