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“Adults like to talk about their reading…to force the mind to recollect forgotten but important memories of how one became a reader.”  –G. Robert Carlsen and Anne Sherrill, Voices of Readers: How We Come to Love Books, 1988.

Can you write your “reading autobiography”?  What do I remember about learning to read?  What books do I remember reading?  Who, if anyone, had been important in developing my attitudes toward reading?  When and where did I read?


Growing with Books: Chronology: Beginning to Now

Learning to Read, Habits, and Attitudes

Sources for Books and Reading Materials

Outcomes from Reading (“Whatever the reason for a ‘watershed’ book’s appeal, seldom [is] a memory of the book consciously associated with the book’s degree of literary merit.  What was remembered is the emotional impact of the book, the insights it provided for self or others, and the growth that it stimulated in the reader.”  –Carlsen and Sherrill)

Teachers and Teaching

Libraries and Librarians

Poetry and the Classics

Barriers: Why Some Just Don’t Read

“Books and reading may not be the only activity in human life, but…”

“Reading maketh a full man.”  –Francis Bacon



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